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Tahiti Nui Helicopters over Bora Bora

Tahiti Nui Helicopters

About Tahiti Nui Helicopters

Tahiti Nui Helicopters is a Polynesian helicopter company approved for public transport. From panoramic flights to inter-island transfers from the Society Islands, the safety and comfort of our passengers is our priority. Our commercial team is at your disposal and will be happy to answer all your requests.

Tahiti Nui Helicopter Model F-GVYM
Romantic Experience by Tahiti Nui Helicopters


Passenger transport on demand, tourist flights, work at heights, medical evacuations are part of the TNH subsidiary's offer.

This activity allows Air Tahiti Nui to diversify around 4 main missions :

  • Passenger transport on demand in order to allow a direct transfer without waiting for the arrival of customers from an international flight or in connection with private jets, which has grown significantly in recent years;

  • Sightseeing (especially on the Leeward Islands) ;

  • Aerial works by proposing the lifting of equipment, the fight against fire, the taking of aerial images ;

  • Medical evacuations from the islands.


In June 2017, the only company in Polynesia to offer a civil helicopter service - makes its last flight after 7 years of activity. In the absence of a buyer, the company closed its doors and the helicopters were repatriated to metropolitan France. In addition to tourist flights and aerial photography, the company also provided logistical support for major works (including lifting missions), fire fighting and medical evacuations. Its closure causes a shock wave in the territory.

Aerial Shot of Tahiti Nui Helicopter


The question of the acquisition of the company by Air Tahiti Nui had been raised at the time, then abandoned for lack of time. It is therefore from a blank page that ATN started to write a new story, on solid foundations: this synergy between one of the European leaders in helicopter air transport and one of the major players in the Polynesian tourism world supports an undeniable logic to perpetuate the redeployment of helicopter transport in French Polynesia.

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