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Antartica Cruise

Antarctica Cruise - Antarctica21 Fly & Sail Expeditions


There’s still a side of the Earth that remains virtually untouched, an entire continent of wingswept expanses, snow-shrouded peaks, and haunting emptiness stretching to the far horizon. A place where ice takes on hues of turquoise and iridescent blue is so surreal, you feel as if you've entered a dream world. When even as you reach for words to describe your sense of awe, you realise none will ever capture the experience of being there.

Neko Harbour in Antartica
Antartica21 Polar Expedition Flight

The Landscape

A land that holds 90% of the world’s ice, Antarctica stuns visitors with its awe inspiring beauty. See peaceful bays dotted with colossal icebergs and cruise along deep fjords and spot massive glaciers. Be amazed by the sharp snowy peaks that jut out of the sea. Feel the spray of seawater on your cheeks as you cruise in a Zodiac boat to shore, follow in the footsteps of early explorers as you hike on Antarctic soil. 

Create Memories

Witness penguins, whales, seals and seabirds congregate in Antarctica and South Georgia during the austral summer. Present in large numbers you can move along in their world and find endless inspiration for photographs. Setting foot on the seventh continent is a privilege and an honour. You will bring home unforgettable tales, and your journey will arouse the curiosity and admiration of your friends and family. 

Magellian Explorer in Antartica
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