Siberian Mountain tour in winter

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Siberia Nature

Grand Siberian Tour

Siberia is a vast territory with unspoiled nature, local minorities and unique experiences. Whether it is summer or winter Siberia offers the best for people to enjoy freedom and be close to nature.


This tour consists of three important parts of Siberia, experiencing World’s oldest and deepest lake Baikal, traveling in the world longest Transsiberian railway and visiting the so called Golden mountains – Altay! Combined must do Siberian tour.

Lake Baikal, Transsiberian railway and Altay Mountains.

An automobile and sightseeing tour. 

Cultural immersion, excursions, horseback riding, motorboating, nomadic lifestyle, and trekking.

12 days / 11 nights

Group size: 16 max. 

Locations: Altay, Baikal


Altai Active Experience

This is not just a trip, but a real expedition with overcoming barriers and testing your abilities. We will not just see the main destinations of Altai Mountains, but we will do it powerfully, starting from the first day! Moto-rafting and jeeping, trekking and bicycles, horses, rafting, and quadricycles, tents and the best hotels. A trip for strong people, for team building, for a complete restart.

Expedition for active and trained people: trekking, rafting, cycling, horse-back riding, and off-road driving. 

Cycling, excursions, helicopter, horse-back riding, jeeping, motor boating, trekking, white water rafting, and quadricycle.


12 days/11 nights

Group size: 6 max

Altai Mountains
Ukok Plateau to the World's Crossroads Experience
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The World's Crossroads Experience

We are heading for the Ukok Plateau – to the worlds’ crossroads, to the lost lands that originated before the Altai Mountains were born, to the lands of nine months’ winter, where you can easily reach China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, to the world of blooming meadows, tundra, lakes, rivers and snow-white peaks, in the place of fogs and winds, slanting rains and July snows. One of the most famous archaeological finding in Russia was made here – an incredible Ice Princess was discovered.

During our expedition, we will meet not only amazing landscapes, deep fords and a bottomless sky full of stars, but we will visit the National Museum of the Altai Republic, have tea in the aile, listen to the unearthly sounds of throat singing and taste the famous Altai honey. We will drive along the most beautiful road in Russia – the Chuysky tract, wave the Chuya Alps with our hands, inhale the astringent smell of wormwood in the Kurai steppe and see thousands of Kalbak-Tash petroglyphs.

And do not forget about night gatherings around the campfire accompanied by other brave travelers, as you, a guide and professional drivers, masters of their crafts, being the champions of Russia, vice world champions and masters of sports, who have been wheeling the mountains for years. We will stay in the best hotels enroute, spend three nights in tents in Ukok, where the food will be cooked for us by chef.


9 days/8 nights

Expedition and Jeep tour

Season – from July 10 to September 20.

Group – optimal up to 6 people, up to 3 people in a car. Not more than 10 people.

Start point – Barnaul airport – 5.55 am flight Moscow Sheremetyevo – Barnaul (Aeroflot) SVO-BAX SU1430

Finish point – Barnaul airport – – 6.55 am flight Barnaul – Moscow SU1431

Our vehicles – Toyotа LC 105, Nissan Safari

Chuya Alps Tour

Chuya Alps Tour

This tour is for active leisure lovers. Daily trekking to turquoise mountain lakes, alpine meadows, clear rivers and waterfalls and real glaciers. All days of the program, except last night, you will live in a remote mountain village near the border with Mongolia overlooking the snow-covered mountains of the North Chuysky Ridge. You will be accommodated in camping with traditional wooden houses, decorated in accordance with local traditions. It helps to immerse into traditional lifestyle of nomads


The best time for the tour is May-September. It suits for families and not recommended for children under 10-12 years old. Active tour to the foothills of the highest peaks of Altai with an immersion in the culture of local nomads. Active tour, automobile tour, ethno tour, Jeep tour, trekking. Cultural immersion, excursions, Jeeping, Nomadic lifestyle, and trekking.


Group size: 12 max

Locations: Altay


Mount Belukha: Above the Clouds Tour

For Altai people, Mount Belukha is the main sacred mountain, associated with many legends, myths, and traditions. For many years, it is endowed with exceptional positive energy by Altai and Russian populations. Altai people believe that the spirit Altai-Eesi lives on the top of Mount Belukha, and some believers say that the entrance to the mystical country of Belovodye is hidden here, a kind of heaven on the Earth at the foothills of Mount Belukha.


Snow-white peaks, stone gorges and glaciers, fast-moving rivers and colourful lakes – all this makes Mount Belukha one of the most beautiful and interesting places for active tourism in Altai. The path to the destination of our trip and back will run along the elevated watersheds, allowing us to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and Mount Belukha every day.


During the trip, you will carry small backpacks with the necessary stuff for a day (clothing, water, lunch). Most of your personal baggage and equipment will be carried by the horses accompanying the group. Double accommodation in tents (single accommodation in a tent is paid extra). Optional: accommodation in a heated house in a mountain refuge Ak-Kem (days 7-8).


The route is of medium difficulty, affordable to people in good physical shape, but requires some training. You must be prepared for cross-country trekking trails up to 8 hours a day and climbing up to 1000 m. All group members participate in the camp installation, set up their own tents and help with cooking. Age restrictions: children under 10 years old are not allowed, from 10 to 18 years old – accompanied by parents.


Due to adverse weather conditions or the physical condition of group members, the travel itinerary may be modified. The decision of modifying the route is made by the guide.

You will travel near the border of Russia and Kazakhstan. So it is needed to arrange a special border permit. For foreign citizens, the documents should be submitted not far than 30 working days before the date of arrival.


Active tour, trekking tour.

Group size: 10 max

Locations: Altay

Above the Clouds Tour
Treasures of the Katun River Experience

Treasures of the Katun River Experience

Journey to the largest mountainous river of Altai – the Katun River. A week in the mountains with everyday hiking, immersion to nomadic culture, craft workshops and adventure activities. You can choose the accommodation according to the price of the tour. Comfort option at cozy 4* hotel Klever Resort hotel or Econom option in Guest House Elanda. Everyday you will enjoy excursions to main landmarks of Altai. Airport of arrival – international flight to Novosibirsk. Otherwise flight to Moscow and then domestic flight to Barnaul or Gorno-Altaisk.


Two options of accommodation, Comfort – Klever Resort Hotel 4*, ½ DBL on the bank of mountainous river and Econom – Elanda Lodge. Wooden guest houses, shower and WC outside the cabin in separate building. Golden autumn colours on the bank of the largest mountainous river of Altai - the Katun River.


8 days / 7 nights

Group size: 12 max

Locations: Altay

Planet Altai Experience

This is Altai sightseeing tour – a country of mountains, which lies between China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Altai is one of the most eco-friendly regions of the Planet. It is included in the WWF Global 200 List – 200 eco-friendly regions of the Planet that are vitally

important for preservation of global biodiversity on Earth. The fourth part of the mountainous country is occupied by Nature Reserves, National Parks, Natural Monuments and other natural eco-territories, that are protected by the Government. There are no

industrial facilities or large cities that would pollute the air. And the mountain rivers are so crystal clean, that we can drink water without boiling.


The largest snow leopard population in Russia lives in Altai, you can see wild Siberian orchids in the forests, and Altai glaciers feed the largest rivers of the Planet – the Ob and Irtysh. During this trip, you will visit several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, visit the shore of Lake Teletskoye, which is considered as the younger brother of Lake Baikal. We will climb to the alpine peaks and foothills of the glaciers, we will drive along winding roads and raft along the Katun River. During this trip, local residents will host us and we will learn their customs, culture and way of life.


8 days / 7 nights

Group size: 12 max

Locations: Altay

Planet Altai Experience
Legends of the Golden Lake Experience

Legends of the Golden Lake Experience

You spend an unforgettable week on the shore of the deepest lake of Altai, included into UNESCO Heritage list, enjoy the freshness of mountain coniferous air, and travel on a private motor boat across the whole water area of Lake Teletskoye. We will visit local people and get acquainted with the life of the Siberian villages. Also you enjoy rafting on the Biya River. Finally you visit National Museum of the Altai Republic and see the mummy of Siberian Ice Maiden.


Airport of arrival – international airport in Novosibirsk, otherwise flight to Moscow and then domestic flight to Barnaul or Gorno-Altaisk (the last city is the nearest to Altai)


Accommodation – hotels of 3* level (hotel Artybash or Gornoye Ozero at lake Teletskoye). 1 night in the Altaisky Natural Reserve in a guest house (room without en-suite facilities)


7 days / 6 nights

Group size: 12 max

Locations: Altay

Altai the Best Experience

The best observing package tour to those who are traveling to Altai for the first time. More than 2 thousand kilometers along the mountainous highways, off-road driving with everyday trekking to the most beautiful sites of Altai.


Nomadic culture immersion and acquaintance with local cuisine.

Airports of arrival – international airport of Novosibirsk. Otherwise flight to Moscow and then domestic flight to Barnaul or Gorno-Altaisk


Accommodation – hotels of 3* level. At remote locations – guest houses with common wooden toilet and Russian sauna outside


10 days / 9 nights

Group size: 12 max

Locations: Altay

Altai The Best Experience by Plane
Altaiskoye Belovodye Experience

Altaiskoye Belovodye Experience

As part of a trip to Altai, you will travel in the region of the highest mountain in Altai and Siberia – Mount Belukha (4509 m). This is the alpine part of Altai, often called Belovodye. Crystal clear mountain rivers Katun, Koksa, Tyuguryuk; alpine turquoise lakes, where snow is preserved even in summer; carpets of alpine meadows and snow-white mountain peaks.


Our trip will take place in the Uimon and Katandinsky valleys, where Russian Old Believers live, who preserve their traditions and customs very carefully. You will have a chance to experience mountain river rafting, horse riding, traveling to Maral farm, off-road and jeeping, trekking in the mountains and helicopter flight to Mount Belukha (optional). We will be hosted by local residents – the Old Believers, the Altai nomads. We will spend evenings in nature around the campfire and a week of unforgettable adventures is guaranteed. For internal transfers, we will use local aviation to save time by flights in a small plane through the Altai Mountains.


9 days / 8 nights

Group size: 12 max

Locations: Altay