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Six Senses Bumthang, Bhutan


Carefully built as a forest within a forest, this is an auspicious base from which you can immerse fully into hallowed monuments, monasteries and winter festivals.

Upper Lodge Suite

Generous living space with stunning river views. A spacious bathroom with an oversized bathtub sits nextdoor to the entrance. A glass-lined corridor leads to the bedroom and expansive deck with views of the surrounding pine forest. At the center of it all is a small garden where a pine tree grows into an open-air ceiling.

Two-Bedroom Villa

Expansive living space nestled amongst the pine forest.
With sizeable indoor and outdoor space, the villa offers the ultimate privacy with its own dining and spa facilities. Each bedroom is equipped with its own spacious bathroom with oversized bathtub and at the center is a garden where pine trees grow within the forest.

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