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The beyond beckons. Stretch the limits of possibility in the high-speed, ultralong-range G650™. Or go even farther in the G650ER—the speed record-holder for the farthest flight in business aviation history.

Ultralarge Cabin

The Gulfstream Cabin Experience provides a quiet, bright, fresh-air environment that sets the industry standard for comfort and productivity.

The spacious interior is a refined getaway above the clouds where supreme comfort meets high design and innovation. With up to four living areas to work, dine, entertain and relax, the Gulfstream Cabin Experience caters to every need.

TCS Jet Interior Image Beverage.jpg

Legendary Excellence

A proven high-speed range leader, the G650ER is rewriting what can be accomplished in business aviation. The G650ER holds the record for the farthest fastest flight in business aviation history.

Manufacturer: Gulfstream
Seats: Up to 19
Living Areas: Up to 4
Sleeps: Up to 10
Model: G650ER
High-Speed Cruise: Mach 0.90
Long-Range Cruise: Match 0.85
Take-off Distance: 6,299 ft
Initial cruise Altitude: 41,000 ft
Maximum Cruise Altitude: 51,000 ft
Engines: Two Rolls-Royce BR725
Range: 7,500 NM
Total Interior Length: 53 ft 7 in

TCS Jet Interior Image Beverage.jpg
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