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TCS Jet Interior Image Beverage.jpg


A very impressive all-round performer, the Falcon 7X tri-jet is a popular choice at the top end of the long range market.


Passenger capacity: 13
Large cases: 4
Hand luggage: 3
Other: 2 sets of golf clubs
High speed and 5,950 nautical mile nonstop range
Uncompromising cabin comfort
Dassault's signature three-engine design
Mid-cabin storage area

Comfort & Size

The Falcon 7X offers a wide and long 'stand-up' cabin, with spacious seats. A washroom, galley area and mid-cabin storage area offer passengers an extremely comfortable flight.

TCS Jet Interior Image Beverage.jpg

Overview Summary

The Falcon 7X is designed to fly 5,950 nm with 8 passengers, linking virtually all of the most desired city pairs, such as Paris to Tokyo. The aircraft was the first business jet to include 'fly-by-wire' technology (the electronic flight interface as opposed to traditional manual flight controls).

Manufacturer: Dassault
Seats: 13
Luggage Capacity: 196 cu.ft.
Model: FALCON 7X
Speed: 480 kts
Interior Height: 1.88 m
Classification: Long Range Jet
Range: 5950 nm
Interior Width: 1.88 m

TCS Jet Interior Image Beverage.jpg
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