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Amanemu Shima-shi Japan

Amanemu, Shima-shi ,Japan

On the shores of Ago Bay, Amanemu’s rustic ryokan-inspired retreat is where Japan’s ancient hospitality ritual finds its contemporary expression. Mineral-rich waters from a natural hot spring enable guests to embrace the tradition of onsen bathing - while nourishment in culinary form reflects a region famed for rare delicacies. Surrounded by Unesco pilgrim trails, sacred forests and the diving culture of the pearl-rich Pacific, here, rejuvenative stays and wellness experiences are imbued with a deeper cultural sensibility.

● Spacious villas set against the forested hills of Ise Shima National Park
● Access by car: 2.5 hours from Nagoya, 3.5 hours from Osaka or Kyoto


● Serene wellness destination with a natural hot spring onsite and sea views overlooking Ago Bay
● Expansive holistic spa with award-winning Wellness Immersion Programmes
● Inspired by rustic Minka style, each suite features a private onsen bath and wooden decked terrace
● Airy dining spaces, floor to ceiling glass windows and open plan relaxation areas bring the outdoors in

Mori Suite

The 99m2 (1065 sq.ft) Mori Suites offer a combined bedroom and living area, with woven textile shutters that open to embrace the outdoors. Mori Suites enjoy a private Japanese onsen bath, which draws nutrient-rich water from nearby hot springs

Sora Suite

Situated closer to the coast, Sora Suites enjoy tranquil green views towards Ago Bay. The 99m2 (1065 sq.ft) combined bedroom and living area features woven textile shutters, which open onto a spacious veranda. A private Japanese onsen bath draws nutrient-rich water from nearby hot springs

Nagi Suite

Offering premium sea views, the 99m2 (1065 sq.ft) Nagi Suites enjoy a combined bedroom and living area.

Woven textile shutters open onto a spacious veranda, and a private Japanese onsen bath draws nutrient-rich water from nearby hot springs.

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