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Aman Kyoto Japan

Aman Kyoto, Japan

Aman Kyoto represents the fruition of a beautiful landscape first conceived as the garden of a textile museum. Whimsical stone pathways curve gently along the forest floor, and stone slabs blanketed in moss serve as the foundations for the resort's architecture. The secluded grounds are part of what was an artistic community that gave rise to the revered Rinpa school of painting some 400 years ago, and are within easy reach of Kyoto’s most important sites, including the stunning golden temple, Kinkakuji.
● An authentic yet contemporary sanctuary situated in a once-forgotten secret garden
● Spectacular natural setting in an exquisite private garden and surrounded by more than 80 acres of tranquil forest
● A contemporary reimagining of the traditional ryokan with just 24 guest rooms and 2 villas
● Traditional onsen bathing facilities, using the water from a local spring, deliver relaxation and healing
● Dining celebrates the unique culinary traditions of Japan using the finest local produce
● Within easy reach of Kyoto's 17 Unesco World Heritage Sites


Washigamine Pavilion

Surrounded by nature in the highest and most secluded area of the resort, the east-facing pavilion pays homage to the traditional Japanese Ryokan inn and looks over the entire garden and the Hieisan in the distance. A trekking path leads directly from the pavilion through the surrounding forest and various private meditation gardens can be found nearby.

At 241 square metres (2594 square feet) the pavilion is the largest accommodation at the resort and features a living room, a traditional Japanese Tatami room, a Western dining room and a kitchen area. Two en-suite bedrooms feature natural woods, floor-to-ceiling windows, tatami flooring and tokonoma alcoves, and are connected to the living-dining area. For guests who would like to experience a stay more similar to the traditional Japanese Ryokan Inn, futons can be provided in the Japanese Tatami room.

Hotaru Rooms

Hotaru are west-facing rooms and are located on both the ground and first floor. The ground floor rooms face the beautiful moss covered garden and stone wall, and the first floor rooms are ensconced on the mountainside with maple trees. On the side of the entrance to the guest room, there is the fast flowing Kamiya river.

Paying homage to the traditional Japanese Ryokan inn, the 60 square metres (646 square feet) combined bedroom and living area features natural woods, floor-to-ceiling windows, tatami flooring and a tokonoma alcove. The bathroom includes a Hinoki Japanese bath and two sinks.

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