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Carlowrie Castle Edinburgh

Carlowrie Castle, Edinburgh

First built in 1852, Carlowrie Castle combines traditional Scottish architecture alongside lavish modern decor and modern comfort. Standing tall amidst 32 acres of sprawling parkland, the castle remains one of Scotland’s most beautiful and most prestigious venues.

With extensive grounds, the castle is an idyllic, tranquil location perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of city life. Yet its close proximity to Edinburgh ensures easy access to one of Scotland’s most iconic cities and cultural locations, brimming with exciting tourist attractions, arts and entertainment.


Inside Carlowrie itself, entertainment is not hard to come by; the grounds encompass tennis courts, sports fields, as well as opportunities for more unique experiences such as abseiling down the castle walls. Inside the estate, relax into an organised pilates or yoga session, or request a bespoke massage to truly unwind during your stay.

The sublime building and grounds contrast the opulent decor that adorns the castle, with lavish decoration and an impressive private collection of international pop art. Our team can organise DJs and expert mixologists for those who want to use the venue for celebrations or parties, but with a dedicated and discrete butler service, you can be assured that each day or night will end with the highest level of comfort and luxury.

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