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Savoy Palace Hotel, Madeira, Portugal

Savoy Palace Hotel, Madeira, Portugal

Prominent in Funchal's skyline, it stands as an exclusive showcase of the absolute best Madeira island has to offer. Craed and curated to host the ultimate indulgence experience.

This Palace was born from a story. Real or imagined? The best of both, it is said. It began with the poetic idea of bringing together the essence of the place. Soon this challenge became epic. It would have the grandeur of a Palace facing the ocean and would show the works of the best interpreters of the local richness. So that its visitors and guests could choose which would most fascinate them. Now it’s your turn.

Welcome to a palace in the Atlantic ocean that has much more to offer than sumptuousness and grandeur. Here lay all our treasures brought together from our garden island and from beyond the ocean, waiting to be shared with you. The Savoy Palace is a story waiting for yours. The setting is inspired by this unique time when new artistic currents, cosmopolitanism and fun came together - the Belle Époque. While the atmosphere is no less than a magical interpretation of the luxuriant nature and cultural richness of Madeira island. A nostalgic mise-en-scène? On the contrary, the real feel is of a timeless classic hotel with the ultimate indulgence experience.

Savoy Palace’s ambience is much more than a collection of elements influenced by the island. The interior design is inspired by the old native traditions of embroidery, the wickerwork and the Madeira wine, by the ingenious landscape interventions of the ancient irrigation channels and tunnels, all of it surrounded by the exuberant Laurissilva forest. This feast for the senses set in a superior 5-star hotel was imagined by one of the most prestigious interior designers in the world: Nini Andrade Silva in partnership with RH+ architects. Every detail is infused with a keen sense of elegance and a unique personality. The furniture, all the objects and ornaments were created exclusively for the Palace to harmonize with the light colours, organic shapes and comfortable materials, bringing this Atlantic fable to life.


Hotel comfort meets private residence for 9.
Indulge on a private memorable stay in a spacious premium accommodation for up to 9 pax (6 adults, 3 children).

Family & friends’ reunions and special professional gatherings can be fun! But can we all agree that everyone needs their own space for peace and quiet?

A secluded area of our hotel is carefully set to be transformed onto a residence for your full comfort: the best combination of a Superior Ocean room, an Ocean Suite and a Superior Ocean Suite!

Privacy is key whichever your need may be:
- Spacious family holidays (extra room for private nanny, butler, nurse, security team or seniors);
- Professional functions with room for private meetings.

This unique accommodation entitles you to the Premium Experience, a flawless service that grants direct and exclusive access to secluded areas, complimentary treats or courtesies and in-room amenities.

You will be able to also enjoy our generous terraces with incredible views overlooking both the ocean and the city.


Dream the most indulgent of dreams. Rise to the most privileged view in the Savoy Palace Hotel, witness the overwhelming beauty that the nature of Madeira island has to offer and fall into a space inspired by that very same nature, imagined by Nini Andrade Silva and crafted by local artisans of global recognition. Yours is the dream of ultimate indulgence and here is where you will have it.

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