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Gardens TUI BLUE, Madeira, Portugal

Gardens TUI BLUE, Madeira, Portugal

Cradled against an oceanfront hillside and located in a quiet and sunny suburb of Funchal, within approx. 2km from the city centre, Gardens is a friendly boutique-style hotel that provides its guests a modern feel and traditional qualities. Gardens is a new concept in Adults-only for guests over 16 years of age.

The cosy atmosphere of a home with the stunning panoramic city and ocean views. Exclusive for adults. This boutique hotel is fully equipped and operated by a dedicated team solely committed to welcome you into a relaxing and entertaining experience.

Gardens Hotel takes your vacation very seriously. That is why the hotel experience was designed with focus on the sophisticated and high-quality experience you are looking for and kept any distraction or disruption out of it.


Higher at the TUI Sensimar Gardens, the Junior Suite accommodates guests who are seriously looking for a place that is more than a bedroom - Junior Suite is a chamber for you, who are looking for a hotel experience based in comfort and sophistication. Hence, the living room, the two balconies, the sun loungers and the beautiful ocean view.

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