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Euphoria Retreat Mystras

Euphoria Retreat Mystras

Mystras 231 00, Greece

Situated in the Greek peninsula of Peloponnese, Euphoria Retreat offers a holistic break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

At the heart of this wellness retreat lies the synergy of nature and local culture; Euphoria Retreat is sat against the backdrop of Mt. Taygetus and its lush forestry, in an area rich in history, ancient architecture, which has been preserved as an UNESCO World Heritage site. Consequently, outdoor adventure is never far away, and it’s easy for guests to connect with the natural world during their stay, with opportunities for biking, walking and outdoor classes, as well as yoga and meditation.

A perfect location for tranquility and unwinding, the retreat offers a wide range of detox and wellness packages that are ideal for finding respite from the chaos of the modern world. The Euphoria Spa offers a range of transformative therapies and classes, with facilities such as a Sphere Pool, Steam Room, Sauna, California Hot Tub, and a range of rooms dedicated to bespoke wellness routines taken from the philosophy of the local area.

Dining in the Gaia Restaurant will complement your wellness journey. A dedicated setting with which to create a sense of community, you can follow a bespoke and personalised meal plan, indulge in gourmet, homemade recipes, or take cookery lessons to share our philosophy. Your stay at the Euphoria Retreat is centered around personal comfort, luxury and respite, so privacy and exclusivity are always available.

Mystras Suite

With two elegantly designed bedrooms, complete with the choice of a King Size bed, you can enjoy subtle luxury in an environment suited to enhancing your respite and wellness, with perfectly picked art and opulent furnishing. Alternatively, step outside onto a private veranda and terrace offering unparalleled views over the citrus valley and the village of Mystras.

Byzantium Grand Suite

For the utmost exclusivity, this extravagant suite is situated at the highest point of Euphoria Retreat and offers incredible views out over the Mystras valley, as well as the resort’s private forest. With a dedicated concierge service, you can ensure a relaxing stay with lavish rooms, Super King Size beds, alongside advanced modern amenities and luxurious bathrooms boasting a custom steam shower and body splash aroma.

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