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St Regis, Florence, ITaly

Pure Luxury

Centuries of history and tradition have bestowed upon Florence a deeply felt, humanistic attitude to hospitality. This culture has matured through the centuries, with practises and rituals being handed on from generation to generation, reinforcing the aristocratic principles and standards of tradition.

Ancient precepts were codified already by the time of the Renaissance, when Florence was the abode of illustrious talents who made considerable contributions to every imaginable discipline. From architecture, with Brunelleschi, Michelangelo and Alberti, to painting and sculpture, with geniuses like Leonardo, Masaccio, Donatello, Botticelli and Ghiberti, and of course literature, where Machiavelli and the Renaissance scholars further enriched the heritage left by Dante and Boccaccio.

An Incredible History

The history of The St. Regis Florence in Florence is closely intertwined with the history of the city itself, reflecting the crucial stages of social and physical development in the Tuscan capital.

Famous events and personalities have often linked Florence with its The St. Regis Florence: Brunelleschi, for example, not only designed the famous dome of the Cathedral, but was also, as Vasari recorded in his 'Lives', commissioned by the Giuntini family to build the residence in piazza Ognissanti that four hundred years later became The St. Regis Florence. Following restoration and renovation works The St. Regis Florence has strengthened its ties which bind it to the city of Florence. Use of the most scrupulous restoration methods has made it possible to recreate in The St. Regis Florence much of the architectural integrity and cultural context of the original building.


Bedrooms and Suites

The St. Regis Florence features 80 luxuriously appointed guest rooms and 19 suites, including a spectacular designed suite by Bottega Veneta. Reflecting Florence's rich artistic heritage. all the hotel's guest rooms and suites feature individually hand carved gold leaf plaques including one of three different colour palettes - Medici, Florentine and Renaissance, with each design concept offering a unique selection of custom designed furniture, paintings, frescos and crystal chandeliers, creating a sophisticated sense of relaxed opulence. In honour of Florence and its traditions, every guest room and suite is named after noted Italian artists, benefactors and nobility.

Following in the tradition of the legendary St. Regis Hotel New York, the St. Regis Florence features the iconic St. Regis Butler Service, bespoke guest experiences and luxury accommodations tailored to meet global travellers' needs. Trained in the English tradition, the butlers provide ever present. yet unobtrusive service while anticipating guest needs and customising each guest's stay according to his or her specific tastes and preferences.


Butler Service

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