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LJs Ratxó Eco Luxury Retreat, Spain

Pure Luxury

Surrounded by soulful mountains, wild olive trees and an abundance of native wildlife, LJs Ratxó offers a sublimely immersive experience. This off-grid retreat is a true embodiment of the kind of harmony that can exist between people and nature.

Sojourn in a room with panoramic views of a nature reserve and rise to the sound of delicate birdsong. From exploring the estate’s unspoilt surroundings and enjoying invigorating outdoor yoga classes, to feasting on earth-to-plate gastronomy and soaking up the spectacle of a starring night sky.

LJs Ratxó offers you a perfect environment to enjoy the most extraordinary adventure: YOUR LIFE.


She is known as the "Madame de la cuisine" and has turned her gift into her profession, using flavour to create a mouthwatering explosion of colour and sensation that is pure poetry. In addition to the local product, that our prestigious chef knows very well, and those that are collected by herself directly from our own garden, María has fun with her job and she gets our clients involved, creating flavors that will make their experience moments of true happiness.

Inspired by classic Majorcan recipes, and influenced by global Mediterranean cuisine, the gastronomy at Roots will surely whet your appetite!

Our Chef has taken traditional recipes from our island and reimagined them, offering culinary treats to delight our guests. Loyal to our philosophy, we work with produce straight from our own organic garden or local farms, so we also offer a helping hand to the environment!

The experience will fulfill you – mind, body and soul.


Owner Suite

When Lisa and Lorenzo bought the “Arratxa” estate to create the LJs Ratxó eco luxury retreat, they designated this room as the Owner Suite, and they have spent incredible moments with family and friends there. In addition to its size, with 70 m2 of interior and 90 m2 of terrace; and its outdoor pool, the Owner Suite hides under its living room the essence of this privileged Majorcan corner, and the origin of its name: a ratxó that, like an umbilical navel, channels the water from the Sierra de Tramuntana and fills everything it touches with life. Stay in the Owner Suite and feel the force of nature under your feet.

Our most exclusive Suite features a lounge area, with a separate bedroom. It also has a dining area, where you can enjoy a romantic dinner. The Royal Suite has two large fully equipped bathrooms, one of them en suite. Enjoy complete privacy while taking a dip in your own mountain view plunge pool, accessible by a private staircase. Relax on one of the four terraces or enjoy the Royal Suites indoor jacuzzi.


Royal Suite

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