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Address Beach Resort, Fujairah

Surrounded by nature

The ultimate beach Address in Fujairah, nestled into the mountains, cascading down to sea. Welcome to ‘Where life happens’.

Address Fujairah Suite

Crafted for those that want a private haven for their loved ones or friends, our Address Fujairah Suite can luxuriously host families or groups of up to 6 guests. It is an ideal suite to select for groups seeking to enjoy their holiday together at Fujairah's ultimate beach Address, with an excellent balance between relaxation and engaging collective spaces.


Two Bedroom Executive Suite Ocean View

Feel at ease while staying in our comfortable 2 Bedroom Executive Suite, offering unparalleled views of the Indian Ocean. Spaciously designed, our suite offers luxurious bedrooms and a collective lounge, ideal for a family or two couples.

With a private balcony overlooking the Indian Ocean, the Executive Suite Ocean View offers guests stellar views which can be appreciated throughout the Suite. The Executive Suite Ocean View is ideal for guests seeking to enjoy the fresh ocean breeze from the comfort of their personal space.


Executive Suite Ocean View

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