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Experience Private Jet Coaching in Ambergris Cay in the Caribbean

Take Advantage of the Most Exclusive and Ultra-Luxurious Private Yacht Business Experience With MC Alex Mandossian, the Warren Buffet of the Internet!

Executive Ticket Offer!

Holiday Luxury Aerial drone ultra wide photo of luxury mega yacht with wooden deck docked
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5 Day exclusive private jet coaching experience in Ambergris Cay, in the Caribbean! ($70,500 Value)


  • 16th - 20th April 2022, aboard the chic and sleek private jet Gulfstream G-IV ($50,000 Value)

  • Executive seating

  • Networking opportunities

  • Luxurious All-inclusive stay at Ambergris Cay Turks & Caicos - Caribbean Private Island ($10,500 Value)

  • Exciting and adventurous excursions featuring a visit to loyalist plantations on the island filled with history and culture, indulge yourself in the thrills of snorkelling, kayaking or a paddle boarding adventure.

BONUS: 1-2-1 personal session with the Master Coach, the Warren Buffet of the internet! 

($10,000 Value)

Only available to the first 10 applicants!

RETAIL: $70,500

SALE: $20,000

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