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Experience Luxury at Los Cabos

Take Advantage of the Most Exclusive and Ultra-Luxurious Private Jet Business Experience With MC Alex Mandossian, the Warren Buffet of the Internet!

Executive Ticket Offer!

US Air Force C-20H Gulfstream IV VIP plane landing on Leeuwarden airbase. Jun 10, 2016.jpg
Holiday Luxury Gulfstream private jet interior.jpeg

LA - Los Cabos - LA for $15,000 per person

Based on 16 seats Gulfstream G-IV and 13 paid clients


  • VNY California to Los Cabos-VNY – 3 days 2 nights in weekend  –– Retail value $87,149 -$21,787 based on a group of 4

  • All transfers – Retail value $1,200 per car

  • Four Seasons Los Cabos – Retail value $3,000 pp

  • Experiences – Retail value $1000 pp

  • Introduction coaching session on board – Value $5000 per small group

  • Three days Coaching session with MC Alex – Value $15000 per small group

  • 1-2-1 coaching session with MC Alex – Value $1200

  • Cocktail and party etc. Retail value $2000

  • Bonus – Pre departure party at The London west Hollywood of Beverly Hills - Retail value $10,000

BONUS: Pre-departure night spent at the London hotel in West Hollywood ($9,997 Value)

Only available to the first 10 applicants!

RETAIL: $36,787

SALE: $15,000

Reserve Your Seat Now!

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