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Six Senses Shaharut

Six Senses Shaharut (Opening March 2021)


Go on an out-of-the ordinary and memorable adventure to Six Senses Shaharut, located in the dramatic Arava Valley south of the Negev Desert.

Biblical Heritage of Ancient Negev Desert
Fascinating, enchanting and of biblical proportions, the Negev Desert is the epitome of desert landscapes. It is on this boundless horizon that Six Senses Shaharut resort in Israel nestles into a dramatic cliff, at one with the almost-supernatural panorama, where sunsets meld into the orange dunes to become an inky sky scattered with stardust


Six Senses Suite

Plenty of space to spread out with a host of additional amenities

Six Senses Suites measure a generous total of 645 square feet (58 square meters) and face out to the Negev Desert andArava Valley, as well as the ever-changing colors of the Edom Mountains.

Panorama Suite

The clue about the view is in the name!

Panorama Suites present a sizeable total surface of 645 square feet (58 square meters) and offer panoramic 180-degree views of the Negev Desert and Arava Valley.


Private Reserve

The jewel of desert accommodations

Private Reserve is a three-bedroom retreat with a total surface of 6,930 square feet (644 square meters). The outdoor living area includes a 775 square foot (72 square meter) pool. It also includes a spa treatment room, steam room, fitness room plus a fully-equipped and semi-outdoor Boffi kitchen.

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