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Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

Vietnam, Khanh Hoa

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is a hidden treasure at one with nature, with impressive rock formations and white sand beach overlooking the East Vietnam Sea.

​The ultimate illusionist island escape
The illusion is that you're on a remote island. The reality is that Six Senses Ninh Van Bay sits on a dramatic bay looking out to the East Vietnam Sea so it can only be approached by water. Impressive rock formations, white sand beach and a backdrop of towering mountains add to the fantasy. You can't be more intimately at one with nature


Beachfront Pool Villa

You'll love the generous personal space, private plunge pool and direct access to the beach.

Constructed of all natural and sustainably sourced materials, the villas are characterized by providing generous personal space with their own garden, an exclusive plunge pool and direct access to the beach. They offer separate sleeping and living areas, with ensuite bathroom, two thickly cushioned teak day beds, separate vanities and a beautiful handcrafted wooden bathtub. Each villa has a mini wine cellar.

Hill Top Reserve

Set high on the hill with stunning panoramic views, this spacious villa crowns the resort and offers three full-sized bedrooms plus an infinity pool.

The resort’s newest and most spacious villa blends beautifully with the pristine jungle and granite environment of Ninh Van Bay. This premier accommodation is ideal for families and small groups, providing privacy and unparalleled views of the bay, looking west towards Nha Trang city and the adjacent mountains. A cobblestone path leads to the villa, accessed by an off-road buggy or mountain bikes.


The villa’s oversized infinity pool and sun deck are perfect for the many months of sunshine, while the air-conditioned common and gaming areas offer respite for those desiring some cooler times in their Vietnam vacation.

Two-Bedroom Hill Top Pool Villa

An inspiring and very private location on the hill top with beautiful ocean views and a personal pool.

Constructed of all natural and sustainably sourced materials, the villas feature plunge pools and are facing the mountain ranges of Nha Trang whilst offering majestic views of the East Vietnam Sea. The elevated, open-plan two-bedroom-villas feature a walk-in closet area and an ensuite bathroom with separate vanity areas and a hand-crafted wooden bath tub. The villas are located on the mountainside above the resort, at either end of the bay and accessible by private paths and stairs ensuring total privacy.

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