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Amantaka Luang Prabang

Amantaka Luang Prabang

A private village ensconced in thousands of years of history.

The pace of Luang Prabang, Laos’s spiritual capital, is seductively slow. Observe the ebb and flow of the mighty Mekong as saffron-robed Buddhist monks tread softly between the town’s many golden-spired temples.

At the foot of sacred Mount Phousi, at the very heart of this charming Unesco World Heritage Site, Amantaka rests on an historic garden estate with private pools and an expansive state-of-the-art Aman Spa.

● A sanctuary of stillness and reflection amongst expansive palm studded lawns
● A serene retreat away seemingly world’s away from the hustle and bustle of city life
● Spacious suites with individual pools and bamboo shaded gardens, for relaxation and dining


● Aman Spa with visiting wellness specialists and separate Spa Houses with private hydrotherapy areas
● Waterfall hikes at one with nature and private picnics onboard intimate Mekong River cruises

Amantaka Pool Suite

Surrounded by large verandas, each Amantaka Pool Suite offers a spacious living room, library and study, as well as outdoor areas including a garden, a private relaxation sala and a large pool.

Mekong Pool Suite

Designed for two guests with spacious interiors for lounging, dining and sleeping, Mekong Pool Suites also have a private swimming pool


Khan Pool Suite

Overlooking gardens, the central courtyard or a private outdoor area, each Khan Pool Suite has its own private pool, an outdoor lounging area and a spacious living room

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