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The Great Wall of China



One of the world’s first civilizations, China.

Luxury Holidays to China with Holiday luxury

One of the world’s first civilizations, China remains a wild and chaotic explosion of cultural and geographical diversity, the traditional and the innovative. This is a country shrouded in mystery, but eager to be explored, offering visitors an epic adventure of discovery and surprise.

China's cultural riches and 5000 years of tumultuous history place it, without doubt, among the world’s greatest travel destinations. From Shanghai's skyscrapers to Beijing's ancient treasures, The Great Wall, and Xian's Terracotta Army.

Enjoy a luxury holiday to China and discover its rich and detailed history – from crumbling ruins to decadent Imperial palaces, fascinating traditions, countless heritage sites and extreme diversity. Whether a luxurious urban experience, a lakeside retreat or a getaway nestled among tea fields or rice terraces, you'll experience flavours unknown to the western world, friendly Chinese hospitality and exotic eastern architecture all rolled into one compelling adventure.

From the ancient history of the Great Wall to the metropolis buzz of Beijing and Shanghai, China provides staggering cultural diversity.

Capital city, Beijing has been the heart of the country’s politics and culture for the past 700 years. Explore opulent palaces, temples and tombs, ride a rickshaw through historic hutongs or sip cocktails at an exclusive bar with views over the Forbidden City.


Shanghai is China’s vibrant financial hub and home to refined fine dining, stunning gardens, elegant bars and boutique shops. Enjoy time at The Bund, Shanghai’s famous waterfront, stretching along the west side of the Huangpu River.

Whether you want to conquer the magnificent Great Wall of China, follow in the footsteps of emperors in the Forbidden City, or come face-to-face with an army of Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, there’s so much of this vast country to explore and plenty of Chinese culture to soak up..



One of the biggest countries in the world, China is a captivating place filled with bustling cities which are in contrast to the rural quiet landscapes across mountainous regions, which makes China a place that is unlike any other. Experience the tranquil beauty of China in luxury with warm temperatures all year round.

Beijing - Night scene of Wangjing SOHO

Family, History, Hiking

70 - 80 sq. m.

 02 - 03

Beijing is the capital of China. Beijing is a fascinating city, a mix of ultramodern architecture, ancient history.

The Leshan Giant Buddha

Cycling, Family, History, Hiking

70 - 80 sq. m.

 02 - 03

Chengdu is a historic city of china and the capital of Sichuan. Famed for its hometown of giant pandas.


Family, Culture, Adventure

70 - 80 sq. m.

02 - 03

Guilin is reputed as being one of the world's most beautiful places with its karst landscapes, clean rivers.


Family, Culture, Adventure

70 - 80 sq. m.

 02 - 03

Hangzhou  is the capital and most populous city of Zhejiang. The West Lake is the most renowned landmark.


Culture, Shopping, Cycling

70 - 80 sq. m.

 02 - 03

Lijiang is a wonderfully picturesque, historic city, found in the northwest part of China’s Yunnan district.


Family, Culture, Shopping

70 - 80 sq. m.

 02 - 03

Shanghai is the face of modern China. Shanghai is the perfect place to see the old and new cultural centre.


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