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TCS Jet Interior Image Beverage.jpg


An optimally balanced aircraft design provides you with an exceptionally smooth ride from takeoff to touchdown. The Challenger 350 aircraft is the best-selling business jet among top corporate flight departments and charter operators worldwide.

Intentional Elegance

From the signature metal trim to clever foldout tables, every aspect of the cabin has been carefully designed for an unrivalled private jet experience. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, the Challenger 350 aircraft delivers on its promise of class-leading comfort.

TCS Jet Interior Image Beverage.jpg

Designed to be Effortless

Technology works best when it goes unnoticed. The Challenger 350 cabin integrates advanced technology with carefully crafted interiors. The result is an intuitive cabin experience for business or pleasure. Enjoy an unparalleled audio experience with crystal-clear sound through integrated sidewall speakers – exclusive in its class.

Manufacturer: Bombardier
Seats: Up to 10
Model: Challenger 350
High-Speed Cruise: Mach 0.83
Long-Range Cruise: Match 0.80 (850 km/h)
Initial cruise Altitude: 43,000 ft (13,106 m)
Maximum Cruise Altitude: 45,000 ft (13,716 m)
Engines: Honeywell HTF7350 turbofans
Range: 3,200 NM (5,926 km)

TCS Jet Interior Image Beverage.jpg
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