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The Mandrake Hotel, London

The Mandrake Hotel, London

The Mandrake is an award-winning, luxury, boutique hotel in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia and the perfect base in which to discover the city. Having won ‘Top Three Best Hotels in Europe’, we offer the culture of Soho, the shopping of Oxford Street and the nightlife of London’s West End all on our doorstep.

Step past our gates on Newman Street, away from the bustle of central London and enter into a different state of mind. Every aspect of The Mandrake has been curated and designed to offer an immersive and unforgettable experience. From our three-story-high surrounding walls of jasmine and passionflower, that form the living heart of the hotel, to our priceless and eclectic art collection that includes works from the likes of Salvador Dali, Francesco Clemente and Jonas Burgert.

We encourage our guests to stay beyond themselves; to visit our Global award-winning Jurema terrace with adjoining glasshouse apothecary, try Waeska bar for an Ethnobotanical cocktail or dine on locally sourced cuisine in YOPO. Our Cultural Programming, designed to ensure you 'Stay Beyond Yourself', include our Artist in Residence (AiR) and our Spiritual Wellbeing programmes.

Our 34 luxurious bedrooms, including three suites and award-winning penthouse, allow you to cocoon and relax in opulent style. Each room has its own style with a unique, exclusive art piece created and curated for each space.

Our destination bars, Waeska and Jurema, offer ethnobotanical cocktails unlike any others found in the city and our restaurant, YOPO, lead by Head Chef George Scott-Toft, is a South American inspired feast of culture and cuisine that is not to be missed.


We decided to create a place to entice your imagination when we created the Mandrake Suite. A sumptuous and opulent affair, The Mandrake Suite is draped in a textural contrast of velvets, silks and satins that provoke touch. At the heart of the bedroom is a Bedouin-style tented bed, overlooking an open plan bathroom with a free-standing claw-foot bath tub, surrounded in silver wave marble. Enveloped in darkness, this is a bedroom you enter and struggle to leave. ​ At the weekend our hotel comes alive, we host both resident and guest DJ's and performers, immersive theatre, Artists in Residence and everything in between. The Mandrake will feed your soul as well as your body; here we celebrate art, we celebrate life, we celebrate the light and dark.


STAY IN THE BEST PENTHOUSE HOTEL IN LONDON WITH A JACUZZI According to GQ, our Penthouse Suite with a jacuzzi is 'the best hotel bathroom they have ever laid eyes on'. White Veronese bookend marble engulfs the bathroom, and a gold trunked tree with ostrich feathers embraces the luxurious abundance of The Mandrake's Penthouse suite bathroom.

We have welcomed some of the most recognisable faces in the world into our marbled eagles' nest over the past two years. Actresses, musicians and directors have all called our Penthouse Suite home while they have been in the capital. Exotic foliage, bespoke sculptures and floor to ceiling windows all lead to our Penthouse being announced as the best in London by GQ. There is only one and there is no other like it. Encased in white Veronese Bookend marble, The Penthouse bed is so vast that the cashmere mattress had to be custom-made. The eight-person dining table makes this a space that is as conducive to private celebrations and parties as it is to romantic getaways.

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