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Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows

Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows

The city of Beverly Hills was built up around our hotel. It’s where the entire area’s history began. Hear how it all started and discover our other milestone moments.
This exclusive selection of newly-restored bungalows are the height of style and elegant luxury. Take your place in their rich history.
Out of our 23 uniquely designed bungalows, there are several standout ‘legendary bungalows’. These feature design elements inspired by their most notable guests and include Marilyn Monroe and Howard Hughes.

Presidential Bungalow

A modern interpretation of traditional design. The expansive outdoor patio features a private infinity pool complete with outdoor shower.

Beverly Hills Suite with Patio

Step into the Hollywood dream of having your own patio amongst these famous and beautiful gardens. This is your moment to lie back with a drink and admire the blue sky above. You’re here.

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