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Atelier Inés Art & Suites

Atelier Inés Art & Suites

Forget attractive, yet soulless hotels in a hidden corner of a busy street: this Atelier comes with history in droves. It is here, in fact, that the acclaimed artist Annibale Oste (1942-2010) once held his studio. A pioneering sculptor who experimented with diverse materials, from bronze to wood, steel, alabaster and glass, Annibale was a visionary character who enjoyed fame well beyond Italy’s borders. His output is a playful game of colours, shapes and textures and he oversaw every aspect of his artistic production; his sculptures went on to become fantastical furniture pieces, enjoyed by private collectors and requested by art galleries, public spaces and hotels. This is the atmosphere you will be stepping into. Six bespoke rooms and suites where art features throughout, as well as a showroom, a jewellery boutique and a common area dedicated to art and gourmet experiences.

Guests will also be able to create their own art pieces in an ad-hoc art workshop.


• 6 luxury art rooms & suites
• Luxury amenities
• Lounge sitting room
• Art gallery
• Art laboratory
• Creative courses
• Unique Art Experience

The atelier is housed in a colourful, yet tranquil corner in the lively Vergini district in Naples, the beating heart of the city, where baroque palaces live alongside XIII century churches, and where even a staircase can become a showpiece – as is the case of the 1738 Palazzo dello Spagnuolo. An area that featured in many films and documentaries on Naples, the courtyard of this palazzo was used to stage plays early in 1900, a young Totó being among the actors.

Rooms & Suites

We are an art gallery, a showroom and a jewelry boutique with six bespoke rooms and suites. Each one is completely different and decorated with pieces crafted by Annibale and Vincenzo Oste. The pieces of furniture and art works of the artists marry with subtlety the choice of fabrics and colors. Our rooms and suites reserve you a warm welcome, a real small harmonious and comforting universe.

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