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The Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast, United Kingdom

Break Away From Tradition

In the most perfect location, right next door to the Grand Opera House on Great Victoria Street and within walking distance to shops, restaurants, bars, and top visitor attractions. It boasts 146 elegant guest rooms & suites, a luxury 9th floor penthouse and a stunning 2 bedroom 8th floor Residence Suite.

Proudly in the Heart of Belfast

Five-star fabulousness in the very heart of Belfast city. Awarded Five Stars by the AA, The Fitzwilliam Hotel is a super-elegant masterpiece located in the heart of the city centre. 146 fabulous guestrooms and suites, incredible food, a much-loved bar and the best service you’ve ever experienced: A new definition of boutique hotel, it’s Belfast’s five-star superstar.


The Residence

Welcome to The Residence Suite, located on the 8th floor- from £1,500 a night. Here is what to expect...

It’s a two bedroomed, 1,500 sq feet private suite that’s welcomed stars of the stage, celebrities, artists and dignitaries from all over the world because it’s the finest in Belfast city.

It’s huge and it features a unique sculptural ceiling with computer-controlled lighting. Every surface, every fitting, every furnishing, every accessory has been carefully considered here. Each fabric, each wood, each metal is just right.

So what you get is a designer masterpiece. But now remember where you are, and think how this will feel when you add the simply peerless Fitzwilliam service.

Nope. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Now this is the finest hotel penthouse in Belfast. It’s brand new. It’s breathtaking. Here is what to expect... It’s a five-star sanctuary that sits nine stories above the city with panoramic views and it was made for entertaining. You, and your guests, will be simply astonished as you enter this 1,300 sq feet masterpiece, as a feeling of unashamed luxury and opulence washes over you. It’s a beautiful suite, then, easily the best hotel penthouse in Belfast, and it just happens to be right in the heart of the city. In addition to the impeccable, jaw-droppingly excellent five-star service of The Fitzwilliam Hotel you can also reserve yourself your very own butler, chauffeur and private shopper.


The Penthouse

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