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Tamoka Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Pure Luxury

Hola! From Tulum, San José and Lima towards the shores of Cartagena, Caracas, Panama City and onwards to the Caribbean islands, we have travelled far and wide to curate a journey that takes you across the awe-inspiring shores of the Antillean seas. Come and join us at Tamoka, the playful beachside dining destination inspired by the rich culture and vibrant flavours of Latin America.

Food & Beverage

Sail away on ‘buena onda’ or ‘good vibes’ from noon through to night. Enjoy the vibrant native flavours of the Antilles, Latin America, and the Caribbean coasts. At Tamoka, we embrace both fire and ice to deliver signature ceviche, traditional pork dishes, dry-aged meats and specialty seafood - all with a contemporary twist.

Head across the sand to Cana, the beach bar, for a lazy afternoon cocktail or spectacular sundowner and embrace the carnival spirit sparking the night alive with Tamoka’s lively and vibrant mixology inspired by the exotic shores of the Antillean seas.


Ambiance & Atmosphere

A dining destination like no other, indulge in the delicious delights of our ceviche bar or sway to the rhythms of our live music - hosted by our various resident DJ’s. take a step outside to enjoy a perfect alfresco experience with wonderful sea views from our terrace or sink your feet into the sands of our beach that are two steps away.

At the culinary helm of Tamoka is the award-winning Chef de Cuisine, Cesar Bartolini. Chef Cesar’s illustrious career first set sail in the beautiful South American nation of Argentina.
Since then, his journey of discovery has taken him from Buenos Aires to London and onwards to the city of Dubai where he has been nominated and won key lifestyle and industry awards including the What’s On Awards, BBC Good Food ME Awards, Caterer Middle East Awards, and the Middle East Hospitality Awards.


Chef Cesar Bartolini

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